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Kingfisher facility improvements

In the world of agriculture and agribusiness, adaptability and innovation are keys to success. At CHS, we understand the importance of constantly improving and expanding our facilities to better serve our valued customers. Today, we’re excited to highlight the Kingfisher location, where significant upgrades are taking place, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

               One of the notable improvements at our Kingfisher location is the addition of a substantial 500,000-gallon UAN liquid tank. This new tank significantly enhances our capacity, allowing us to store and handle larger quantities of UAN efficiently. This means we can better meet the needs of our customers, whether it’s for fertilizing crops or other agricultural applications.

In addition to the UAN tank, a modern 80’ x 125’ seed warehouse and shop has been constructed at the Kingfisher location. This versatile facility is designed to provide efficient storage and maintenance support, ensuring that the seeds we offer are stored in optimal conditions, ready to help our customers achieve their agricultural goals.

At CHS, we understand the diverse crop needs of our customers. To address this, we are in the process of installing seed bins and treatment equipment that are adaptable for multiple crop usages. These bins are designed with expansion capacity in mind, allowing us to grow and adapt as needed to support the agricultural community effectively.

The Kingfisher location team is proud to lead these initiatives and is excited to continue working hard to make these upgrades a reality. We extend our gratitude to the team for their dedication and relentless efforts in transforming the location for the better.

This story of transformation at Kingfisher is just one example of our ongoing commitment to excellence. We continuously strive to elevate our services and support, providing the agricultural community with the tools they need to thrive. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance and expand our operations. Thank you for choosing CHS as your trusted agricultural partner. Together, we’ll better be able to create connections to empower agriculture.

CHS Demolition Projects Update

In the dynamic world of agriculture and agribusiness, change is the only constant. CHS understands this all too well and is committed to continually improving and modernizing its infrastructure to better serve our valued customers. We are thrilled to share some exciting updates on the demolition projects currently underway within our business unit.

The decision to remove outdated structures in Plainview, Ropesville and Hinton was driven by our commitment to have the right resources in the right places to position our cooperative to deliver the best value for customers and owners – today and into the future. The demolition of these facilities paves the way for newer, more advanced structures that will streamline our operations and ensure we continue to meet the evolving needs of the agricultural community.

The following locations will be undergoing changes:

  • Removal of the dry fertilizer building in Ropesville
  • Removal of old seed bins and a cleaner building in Hinton
  • Removal of the dry fertilizer building in Plainview

The demolition projects currently taking place in CHS are not merely about removing old structures; they symbolize our dedication to progress, innovation, and serving our customers at the highest level. We are excited about the promising future that awaits us, one where modern facilities will enable us to better meet the evolving needs of the agricultural industry.

The Ropesville location will soon be constructing a new liquid fertilizer tank system to better serve customers. This addition will provide customers with more diverse options when it comes to fertilizer options. Be assured our focus will continue to be on delivering solutions that make it easy, helpful and rewarding to do business with us.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to transform and improve our infrastructure to serve you better. Thank you for your ongoing trust in CHS.

Commitment to Excellence: Major Upgrades Across the Region

Lockney, Texas, is a community that is rooted in agriculture. We’ve taken a significant step towards enhancing our service to this local farming community. This year, we unveiled a brand-new seed warehouse that has already made a remarkable impact.

The new seed warehouse highlights our commitment to providing the best facilities and services to our customers. With its modern design and state-of-the-art equipment, this warehouse has significantly improved our seed storage and handling capabilities. It ensures that the high-quality seeds we provide remain in optimal condition and are ready to go to work for our customers.

In addition to the new seed warehouse, we are in the process of giving our chemical warehouse, shop, and office a fresh coat of paint. This initiative adds a visual refresh and demonstrates our dedication to maintaining top-notch facilities that reflect the quality of service we offer. The Lockney team is hard at work, and we’re thrilled to announce that the upgrades are progressing smoothly. We anticipate that everything will be completed within the next few months.

The Lockney upgrades are just one example of our commitment to excellence. We continue to invest in our facilities and services across the region, ensuring that we remain a valued partner for our owners and customers in every community we serve.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing projects and improvements. As we evolve and adapt to the ever-changing agricultural landscape, we remain dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to support the success of our customers. Thank you for choosing CHS as your trusted agricultural partner.

CHS intends to return $730 million to owners

Grain bins in the background and harvested field in the foreground, under partly cloudy sky
CHS announced its cash patronage and equity redemptions for 2023. The co-op is committed to sharing profits with owners and strengthening rural communities.

CHS has announced it intends to return $730 million in cash patronage and equity redemptions to its owners in calendar year 2024. The decision demonstrates the cooperative’s ongoing commitment to sharing profits with its owners and strengthening rural communities.


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