Kingfisher facility improvements

In the world of agriculture and agribusiness, adaptability and innovation are keys to success. At CHS, we understand the importance of constantly improving and expanding our facilities to better serve our valued customers. Today, we’re excited to highlight the Kingfisher location, where significant upgrades are taking place, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

               One of the notable improvements at our Kingfisher location is the addition of a substantial 500,000-gallon UAN liquid tank. This new tank significantly enhances our capacity, allowing us to store and handle larger quantities of UAN efficiently. This means we can better meet the needs of our customers, whether it’s for fertilizing crops or other agricultural applications.

In addition to the UAN tank, a modern 80’ x 125’ seed warehouse and shop has been constructed at the Kingfisher location. This versatile facility is designed to provide efficient storage and maintenance support, ensuring that the seeds we offer are stored in optimal conditions, ready to help our customers achieve their agricultural goals.

At CHS, we understand the diverse crop needs of our customers. To address this, we are in the process of installing seed bins and treatment equipment that are adaptable for multiple crop usages. These bins are designed with expansion capacity in mind, allowing us to grow and adapt as needed to support the agricultural community effectively.

The Kingfisher location team is proud to lead these initiatives and is excited to continue working hard to make these upgrades a reality. We extend our gratitude to the team for their dedication and relentless efforts in transforming the location for the better.

This story of transformation at Kingfisher is just one example of our ongoing commitment to excellence. We continuously strive to elevate our services and support, providing the agricultural community with the tools they need to thrive. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance and expand our operations. Thank you for choosing CHS as your trusted agricultural partner. Together, we’ll better be able to create connections to empower agriculture.

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