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CHS intends to return $730 million to owners

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CHS announced its cash patronage and equity redemptions for 2023. The co-op is committed to sharing profits with owners and strengthening rural communities.

CHS has announced it intends to return $730 million in cash patronage and equity redemptions to its owners in calendar year 2024. The decision demonstrates the cooperative’s ongoing commitment to sharing profits with its owners and strengthening rural communities.


Power of cooperative ownership

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As America’s largest farmer-owned cooperative, the cooperative model and the strength it brings to local communities is the backbone of CHS. Every October, that model is celebrated as part of National Co-op Month, which aims to spread awareness about the benefits of being part of the cooperative system and the important role cooperatives play in their communities.


Tillman Producers Co-op joins CHS

Tillman Producers Co-op, an ag cooperative based out of Frederick, Oklahoma, officially began operating as part of CHS, the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative on March 3. The group joins the CHS ag retail unit based in western Oklahoma and now operates under the legal name of CHS Inc. Voting members of Tillman Producers Co-op approved the merger with CHS last fall.

“As we move forward, we are committed to securing relevant growth and expansion opportunities that protect our members’ equity while helping them grow their operations,” said Jason Kroener, general manager of the CHS ag retail unit that Tillman Producers Co-op is joining. “I look forward to working with the employees in Frederick, Davidson and Red River cotton gin locations as we focus on our shared purpose of creating connections with our farmers.”

“We were looking at many different ways our cooperative business model could remain sustainable into the future as we grow to meet our members’ increasing needs,” said Tillman Producers Co-op Board Chair Nathan Kreutziger. “CHS is the best partner to bring long-term value to our members and a strong future for all our employees.”

“We are confident that this is the best next step as we continue to grow and look for new ways to help our members and employees succeed,” said Brandon Winters, Tillman Producers Co-op president and CEO.

“We welcome Nathan, Brian Mitchell and Adam Brockriede to our board and look forward to working with them,” said L.J. Reherman, local Oklahoma producer board chair, CHS.

Patrons should expect a smooth transition, including continuity of staffing at all current locations. Winters will oversee the Frederick, Davidson and Red River cotton gin locations, reporting to CHS General Manager Jason Kroener in Okarche.

Established in 1934, Tillman Producer Co-op has served Oklahoma farmers and other customers with a full complement of agronomy, energy and grain programs and products. Its cotton gin operation has served Plains Cotton Cooperative Association grower-members for 20 years.

Co-op ownership opens a world of opportunities

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When you choose to do business with CHS, you are connected to a world of opportunities powered by local experts.

As the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative, CHS creates connections that help its owners build their operations and their communities.

In celebration of National Co-op Month, we dug deep into the cooperative model to reveal seven benefits of being an owner of CHS. Benefits that extend far past the field. Watch a video on the benefits of cooperative ownership.


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